How to do body glitter


It’s festival season & we all know what that means… Body glitter instead of clothing, for me anyway…

Have you watched my BTS shoot of this look yet? Want to know how to get this look? Below are some of my tips to get you glitzed.

  • Use vaseline as a base to make the glitter stick, apply the glitter with a brush
  • There can be some tricky areas to apply to (like your butt) and hair gel is the way to get the perfect butt glitter. Use a paint brush to spread the gel first then use the same brush to pat the glitter on top.
  • Depending on the tone of your skin and what look you’re going for, gold is neutral & shows up the best.

I had glitter for days all over my body after this shoot.. easiest way to remove it? lots of scrubing and sticky tape..

Have you watched my body glitter live stream video yet? Click the link below to see the shoot:

Photographer: @GetRosy_ Shannon

Make-up & Glitter: Stevi Hopkins


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